JB Jurunilai Bersekutu (Kedah) Sdn Bhd


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Reg. No: VE (1) 0161/6

Bangunan JB Kedah,
No. 1558,Tingkat 2 & 3,
Jalan Kota,
05000 Alor Setar, Kedah

Tel:  04-7317499
Fax: 04-7311493

  Best Property Investment Practice in Malaysia
  Property Investment

To achieve good return on property investment, one should be a risk taker and take positions that go against the general market sentiment. Be a contrarians by buying property during any economic crisis and selling during the boom time. Investors should also not expect a quick return on investment but must learn to be patient and wait for the right time to transact their deals. Read on...

  Real Estate Glossary of the Day  


These terms apply to properties that are let out to tenants. A furnished property should be fully equipped with furniture and amenities. There is however no legal definition of what furniture must be provided or its condition if a property is let as furnished. An unfurnished property will typically be rented out as an “empty” building having no moveable furniture.

Property Development

Property development refers to either the construction of new buildings or refurbishment of existing buildings in the pursuit of gains. 999

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