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  Best Property Investment Practice in Malaysia
  Property Investment

To achieve good return on property investment, one should be a risk taker and take positions that go against the general market sentiment. Be a contrarians by buying property during any economic crisis and selling during the boom time. Investors should also not expect a quick return on investment but must learn to be patient and wait for the right time to transact their deals. Read on...

  Real Estate Glossary of the Day  

Market value

means the estimated amount that would be paid for the real property rights or licence being acquired or disposed of if the real property or licence were offered on the open market by a willing seller and allowing for a reasonable period of exposure in a manner that would attract interest.


The practice of purchasing a property for investment purposes. The investment is intended to provide a combination of income, in the form of rent received from a tenant, and capital growth, in the form of an increase in the propertyís market value. 999

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