New Tax a Boon for Residential Properties


The upcoming introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) would positively impact the residential property sector as investors would likely invest in residential segment this year rather than next year. Read More

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Latest BLR in Malaysia (BLR)

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 Property Valuation in Malaysia




Property valuation is very important and critical when you're dealing with property. Without knowing the right value of your property, you would be facing a potential loss as a seller, buyer, tax payee, owner, landlord etc which can cause thousands of Ringgit Malaysia (RM). In Malaysia, a formal property valuation can only be done by a professional and registered person. This profession is known as
Property Valuer. Property Valuer need to registered with the Board of Valuer, Appraiser and Estate Agents before they are allowed to conduct property valuation. You'll need a formal property valuation to known the current Open Market Value (OMV) for a property in the following situation:-

Selling a property Financing
Buying a property Land Acquisition
Tax purposes

Generally, a Property Valuer will conduct a valuation to properties such as real estate and non-real estate asset as well as plant and machinery using 5 valuation methods as follows:-

1. Cost Method 4. Investment Method
2. Comparison Method 5. Residual Method
3. Income Method

First 2 methods is the most and widely used methods in all properties whereas for (3) and (4) is commonly use in commercial and industrial properties. Even though any valuation company would be able to prepare any of the above valuation, only few are actually doing valuation for all purposes with some firm are only focusing on certain valuation purposes such as for finance, foreclosure, land acquisition, rating, etc.


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